Moving – An Unavoidable Part Of The Real Estate Process

Moving Van Root CanalThere are fewer things in life that are more stressful than moving.  For home buyers and sellers   moving is the “last play” of the real estate transaction – you either receive or surrender the keys to a home.   One of the most anxiety inspiring aspects of the moving process is not knowing how much it will cost until it is too late to change your mind! There are a number of different factors that will influence the cost of hiring a moving professional. Here are a few of the primary things that will factor into the cost of your move.

Time of year

The warmer months are the times of year when the majority of people choose to . For this reason, moving companies get booked up many months in advance. Trying to hire a mover at the last minute during a busy moving season can end up costing you a lot more than you would normally pay. Remember to book your moving company as far in advance as you can plan. Also, if you are able to move in the “off season” you may get a better rate

Size of your home

Most movers will be able to quote you a ballpark price for moving your home based on the numbers and types of rooms in your home. Movers are well trained in being able to estimate how much packing and moving is involved in a 400 square foot kitchen as opposed to a 200 square foot library. When you first contact your moving company, be prepared with as much information about the size of your home, number of rooms and type of rooms you are moving. Also, be prepared to explain the size and type of the place you are moving into. In general, the larger your home, the more expensive your move, but this is not always the case depending on the type of rooms and their contents

Distance you are moving

If you are moving across the country, this will be more expensive than moving across Web Buyers Atown. Part of that expense is in the gas and wear on the moving van. But this is also due in part to the labor and coordination involved in one crew packing your things in one state and another unpacking in another state. Sometimes, vans also are required to meet up with other vans mid trip and consolidate your belongings onto a different van that might be headed to your new locale. When you are quoted a price from your moving company, be prepared to ask a lot of questions about where your belongings are going, what route and all the details of the packing and unpacking of the van


Packing yourself vs. full service moving

The full service mover takes care of every aspect of the move. They will pack, load, move and unload your items. If you want to save money you can opt to pack everything yourself. However, you may end up being better off paying for the full service moving option. If a mover packs everything for you, then they also shoulder the responsibility for breakage due to poor packing and will absorb


When you call a moving company regarding your move be sure to tell them anything about the home you are moving from or moving into that might be difficult to access with a large moving van. If you live down a very long and narrow driveway, or up a step mountain road, then the moving van may not be able to get close enough to your home to load and unload directly adjacent to the house or building. IN this case, you may be subject to extra fees for carrying your belongings a farther distance to and from the van

Extra costs

Although every effort is made to gather the most accurate information regarding your move, be aware that many factors affect the cost of a move. You may incur other costs if there is a flight of stairs in your new home, if you purchase insurance, or if you use the moving company’s boxes rather than your own. Be aware when hiring movers that the price you are quoted isn’t always the final price you pay so talk to your movers about these extra charges and be prepared.


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