Scary Home Problems That Could Raise the Dead

scary home problems


Foundation issues, mold problems, water damage – these are just a few scary home problems that can bring the strongest homeowner to his knees. While painting a room, replacing a broken light fixture and even minor electrical repair jobs may be within your purview, some jobs should be left to the pros.

Foundation issues

Perhaps the most dreaded home problem of all, foundation issues are no joke. Foundation issues can reveal themselves as cracks in the walls, uneven floors or trouble opening and closing doors. Ignoring the problem doesn’t make it better. In fact, the foundation problem will only grow worse as time goes on. While most foundation issues are easily resolved, they are costly. Because the problem requires accessing and repairing what holds up the majority of the home, it is an expensive fix and you should always hire a professional to do the job.

Mold problems

If you suspect that your home has a mold problem, you have reason to be alarmed. Once mold spores take root, they colonize quickly, feeding on common items in the home like clothing, paper, cardboard, etc. In addition, mold poses a significant health hazard, so it’s a problem you shouldn’t ignore.

Mold cleanup requires strict adherence to guidelines so that the individuals performing the task aren’t exposed to the spores and to ensure that the mold is comprehensively removed. It’s best to let a mold remediation professional resolve this frightening problem.

Water damage

Water damage is a serious and costly problem. Water stains on the ceiling are one sign that there’s a significant problem above it. At the top of the home, roof issues like ice dams, missing shingles or damaged flashing could be allowing moisture access to the home.

When water reaches the structure of the home, it can cause the wood to rot or mildew and moisture issues will form shortly after. If water damage has already made its way to your ceilings, call a pro to assess the roof, attic and ceiling, determine the root of the problem, and come up with an effective repair strategy.

These spine-chilling home problems might cost you a pretty penny, but you can largely avoid them with regular maintenance. Have a professional assess the condition of the foundation, roof and basement – as well as the home’s plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems – to ensure you won’t be confronted with a shockingly expensive, dangerous problem.

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