The First Time Buyer Said, “No HOA”. Their Reason Was Valid


“No HOA” is a fairly common buyer request, most especially by tradesman and business owners with trucks.  Their equipment can be parked at home without violating HOA regulations.  Recently, I drove by the home at the right and it jogged my memory about a situation I encountered several years ago.

I was showing homes to a first time buyer couple. They had told me they preferred homes where there was no HOA that required monthly fees

  • Since they were moving from a small apartment they wanted that money to help furnish their first home
  • He was a tradesman and brought his company panel truck home each night

I drove up to a little Cape Cod with dormers, picket fence with roses, fireplace and an American flag. The Woodbridge Home No HOAinterior was quaint with lots of cute nooks and crannies plus a built-in corner hutch in the dining room.  I knew they had fallen in love with it – they were holding hands as they took the tour


I suggested we  tour the neighborhood to “get a feel” for it. Of course, they commented on the  “cosmetic and physically challenged” homes a few blocks away.

After all

  • the lack of an HOA set up the conditions for derelict houses in the subdivision
  • one of the neat houses within eyesight of the home they were interested in could go “rogue”

There are many reasons people may prefer  a home without an HOA.  However, these were first time buyers with no experience.  They were looking to me for direction in light of the fact they had what they perceived as strict unchangeable requirements

No HOA I suggested they consider a garage town home in a small community with limited amenities meaning lower HOA fees. This Woodbridge town home was within their price parameter including the HOA fee and the truck spends the night in the garage eliminating any HOA rule violation.  Of Course, I am anticipating a growing family and my next challenge with this couple


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