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roofMaintaining a roof is vital to your bank account’s “health and happiness”.  Periodic roof inspection can alert you to potential problems that can be corrected while they are still “minor”.  Gutter cleaning is one component of roof maintenance.  In our case we use Ned Stevens, a gutter cleaning firm that operates in 12 states.  They alert us to any potential problems with the roof.  Of course, local roofing companies that will provide the service are your best resource for asphalt, slate, tile or wooden roof inspection.

A few of the sources of roof problems are

  • storms can cause shingles to become damaged or blow off
  • Ice buildup due to clogged gutters can cause sheathing damage
  • dry or missing caulk around, antennas, vents and flashing is a source of leaks
  • moss and mildew caused by overlapping tree limbs are problematic
  • heat or age deterioration

Interview At Least Three Roofing Contractors  It makes no difference if it is a repair or entire roof replacement.  Multiple presentations will better inform you as to the various options and prices for you to evaluate.

If the roof is to be replaced understand the material cost is determined by the quality and warranty level of individual roof types.  Once you determine the warranty level you prefer it is best to have each contractor bid using those specifications.

Interview Their Customers  Realize they aren’t going to give you names of customers who filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  Therefore, call the Better Business Bureau directly to inquire.

How long have they been in business?  Are they licensed, insured and bonded?

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Read And Understand The Contract Before You Sign It   Once you’ve selected a contractor the next step is to sign the contract binding both parties to the price and terms of the transaction.  If you’ve done your due diligence when selecting “the” contractor everything should be fine.  However, if a dispute arises that can’t be resolved by discussion with the contractor a lawsuit may come into play.  While other circumstances may be involved when it comes to terms “the contract speaks for itself”

The 5 P’s Of Contract Payment  “periodic payment promotes proper performance”.  You will probably have to reimburse the contractor for the cost of material at the time the contract is signed followed by a second payment as the work is well underway.  Final payment should only be made after the site has been cleared of debris and roof nails.  These terms should be included in the contract.

Remember, it’s your home and your money – time spent planning beforehand will contribute to a satisfactory result.

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