Mold Was Discussed In The Bible Before There Was An EPA



Mold has been in existence since the beginning of the universe.  Remediation was discussed in the Book of Leviticus in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible  The LORD said to Moses and Aaron,

Why Is Mold A Major Concern Now?

Although Toxic Mold species have existed forever, they have only become a major concern in the last half century.

  • Building codes are now stressing energy conservation
  • The end result is that buildings are now airtight and can’t “breathe”

 What Is It?

It is neither animal nor plant., but is a fungi such as mushrooms or the yeast used in wine making.   It usually appears as black or green and attacks rotting  foodstuffs.  It also survives on non-living material such as tile or plastic material.  It can cause considerable damage to drywall, roof components and any wood or porous material in your home

How Does It Grow?

There are 4 requirements

  1. Mold Spores  They exist wherever humans exist
  2. Food    Almost anything is food to mold spores, but the most preferred is wood, paper and organic fibers.
  3. Proper Temperature  The bad news is they prefer the same temperatures that we prefer from just above freezing to tropical
  4. Proper Moisture  Mold needs more than 55% humidity to survive.  In our homes mold thrives when there is sustained wetness in porous building materials

What Does It Look Like?

Green mold is found on bread cheese and fruit while black mold is found on drywall, wood and other porous materials

Mold Collage




Is It Toxic? Can Moldy Food Be Eaten?

  • Not necessarily.  Several hundred thousand  species have been identified with over 100 of them identified as toxic.
  • Moldy food should not be eaten even if you cut out the section with mold.  If it is a toxic variety it could cause serious illness.

When Should I Have My Home Inspected And Tested?

  • If water has entered your home recently with leaks due to roof problems,  basement leaks, plumbing problems, poor insulation, etc.
  • If you have experienced itching, irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, rashes, breathing problems, fatigue, etc.

Who Should Inspect And Test My Home?

Although there are do-it-yourself kits available I recommend you hire an accredited and license mold remediation professional.  You should receive a report that will

  • recommend corrective action to maintain your homes’ structural integrity
  • eliminate mold as the cause of health issues
  • recommend a plan to contain and remove the mold


Will Mold Affect The Sale Of My Home?

In three simple words, Yes, Yes and Yes.  99.99% of buyers who submit an offer on your home will have a home inspection.  If the inspector suspects mold he or she will recommend professional inspection.   Of course, the buyer will expect you to have the remediation work done professionally prior to closing

How To Protect Yourself As A Home Buyer

As your real estate agent I will only recommend home inspectors that I know will be on the lookout for mold during the inspection.  If found I will prepare an amendment to your purchase offer requiring the seller to have suspicious areas professionally tested, contained, remediation and removed.


I am not a licensed mold professional.  If you want detailed information see



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