Energy Saving Tips When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Fireplace1. Programmable Thermostats Save Money

You can adjust your thermostat manually as necessary as long as you and other family members remember to make the adjustments. You won’t have that challenge every day with a programmable thermostat. Either way, adjusting your thermostat down while you are away or asleep will reduce energy costs

2. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have a switch that reverses fan direction for summer or winter use.  The Del Mar Lighting video says it better than any text


3. Water Heater

Consider insulating exposed hot water pipes can reduce temperature loss and enable the water heater thermostat to be set lower.  I recommend having it done by a licensed plumber.  Additionally, consider an insulated jacket for the water heater, especially in an unheated basement.

4. Insulation

Over time the insulation that was blown or placed in your attic can compact under its’ own weight and lose its’ effectiveness, especially if it is blown in as opposed to rolls of insulation.  A roofing or insulation firm can check the R factor and advise you how much, if any needs to be added.

5. Frozen Water Pipes And Spigots

Repairing frozen water pipes and correcting damage caused by them is always an eexpensive proposition.  A little care before the temperature  drops below freezing can minimize the threat.  See my post on Preventing Frozen Water Pipes


Unless you have double pane windows make certain any storm windows are in full repair and all caulking is replaced as necessary.  Check your local hardware store for the various types of transparent sheeting that can be applied and shrunk tight with a hair dryer to create a temporary thermal window.


They can be charming, inefficient, safe or dangerous.  Which is up to you and the level of care given.  It makes no difference if they are gas or wood burning.  For more date read Fireplace Safety Tips.

8.Gutters, Downspouts and Roofs

Changing your furnace filter according to the manufacturer’s specs is the first rule of efficient furnace performance.  Periodic gutter and downspout cleaning minimizes ice damage to your roof and home.  See Under All Is The Land, Over All Is The Roof.

The time you devote to these energy saving tips in the pre-season will go a long way in making your home a cozy winter refuge.


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