Fireplace Safety Tips Will Protect Your Family, Your Home and Save You Money

Fireplace safety tipa


fireplace safety  tips are needed as temperatures drop to protect your family and home.

There are simple inspections and cleaning that can be competed by many homeowners.  If there is any question at all you should contact a chimney sweep or a fireplace contractor.


    • Creosote, the unspent fuel that collects on the chimney walls, is the leading cause of fires started by a dirty chimney.  You should have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a licensed chimney sweep.  It is the most important of all the fireplace safety tips
    • Gaskets on doors and fireplace glass need to be inspected and replaced if necessary. If these airtight doors allow extra air into the firebox it could create a dangerous flare-up
    • Fireplace blowers do not normally have a filter.  They should be checked and cleaned to maintain maximum performance
    • Replace any broken or deteriorated brick lining in the firebox. If brick in a prefabricated firebox has deteriorated allowing the steel frame to overheat it could cause permanent damage
    • Be certain to replace any batteries in smoke detectors before the wood burning fireplace is used.


  • Whenever your gas fireplace requires service you should call a licensed technician to provide the service.
  • Fireplace blowers do not normally have a filter.  They should be checked and cleaned to maintain maximum performance
  •   The battery in any optional remote devices should be changed periodically

 Finally, batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be replaced every 6 months.  This is more than fireplace safety tips – it can min[imize injury or damage from many types of fires


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